Implementation of mobile payments in Ameria BANK
CTS Ltd which supplies the MOBO.CARDS Application Platform solution for mobile banking digital wallets with contactless payments using HCE technology, signed an agreement with Pasha Bank in April to provide this solution.
Implementation of mobile payments in PASHA BANK
In the near future, Pasha Bank customers will have access to digital payment solutions, this is another step into the future without cash.
Idea Bank launches Apple Pay wallet
Card Systems and Technologies LLC (CTS Ltd), together with Idea Bank, launched the Visa and Mastercard cards for the Apple Pay mobile wallet service.
Google Pay has become available to holders of Mastercard cards from sportbank
NeoBank «SportBank» cardholders can take an advantage of usage the service of digitalization their cards using third party wallet Google Pay
Idea Bank launched a tokenization service with Mastercard and Google Pay.
Idea Bank, in partnership with Card Technologies and Systems Ltd., has launched into production mode a new service for its Mastercard cardholders.