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CARTSYS has released an update of the DSP FastTack software version 2.


CARTSYS has released an update of the DSP FastTack software version 2.

Updates have affected the performance of the software complex, stability has increased significantly due to simplification of internal processes of request processing, and support for external monitoring of the complex has been expanded. New card metadata management operations have been implemented.

Implemented the following:

  • the overall performance of FastTack 2 has been improved, and the stability of the system under heavy load has been improved;
  • the new system architecture allows it to be used as part of complexes with load splitting (horizontal scaling);
  • attention is paid to the synchronization of token state in FastTack 2 database and payment systems;
  • the FastTack 2 administrative interface has been improved, the information displayed in it has been expanded and systematized, and token management complies with current MDES / VTS interface specifications;
  • the administrative interface is now also available in Ukrainian and English;
  • support of card metadata management by the bank is included (Card Metadata Update);
  • token Requestor names missing from the local FastTack 2 guide are now accepted from MDES and VTS;
  • the system configuration is simplified. Configuration of the subsystem to support external condition monitoring (Health Check) is now performed automatically;
  • the set of information displayed in FastTack 2 log files at different levels has been optimized to make it easier to diagnose the functioning of the system;
  • FastTack 2 is built using the latest versions of libraries, designed to work under the application server and operating system with long-term support from their developers, supports interaction with modern versions of database servers.