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Crystal Bank launched Apple Pay payment service

Crystal Bank has launched the Apple Pay payment service. This was reported on the bank's website. Holders of Visa and Mastercard cards issued by Crystal Bank can now use smartphones and smart watches from Apple for contactless payment for goods and services. Each transaction is authorized by generating a unique one-time dynamic protection. Apple Pay works on smartphones iPhone 6 and newer models, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and newer models, as well as Apple Watch. »

The bank has expanded the possibilities of using VISA card digitization for customers who want to use the iPhone for contactless payments. Most likely because the technology of digitizing cards is no longer something new, and customers perceive such news without euphoria. KTS, being the developer of the FastTack system, which the bank uses as an integration platform, for its part would like to note that the project itself was launched in the shortest possible time and with a minimum period of certification in the laboratory. This was facilitated by the coordinated work of the two teams, and, of course, the extensive experience of our company in implementing similar projects.