Our smartphone as a payment terminal

Merchants now are able to accept contactless cards, digital wallets, and wearable devices through a smartphone or tablet without additional external devices.

TRANSENIX is an innovative system that allows merchants to accept contactless payments directly on their NFC-enabled smartphones. TRANSENIX solution makes it possible to use modern smartphones and tablets as a payment terminal. Customers can make contactless payments using their physical cards, mobile wallets and wearable devices.

How it works

Meets high security requirements


  • Complies with payment system requirements and standards: CPoC (Contactless Payments on COTS), PCI-DSS
  • Sensitive card’s data is not stored on the device
  • A dedicated secure environment is used to store security keys.


  • Remote merchant registration (activation / deactivation)
  • Transaction types: Purchase, Reversal, Refund
  • Collecting transaction statistics
  • Requesting and displaying transaction history
  • Providing an electronic receipt via SMS, E-MAIL, QR-link
  • Configuring application settings


  • The merchant’s mobile application accepts contactless cards and tokens from mobile wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Payment pre-processing is performed by TRANSENIX AMS (Applications Management Server)
  • The merchant’s mobile device should be connected to Internet


Benefits for the Bank

  • Creates an innovative image
  • No costs for any additional devices and their logistics
  • Advanced merchant monitoring mechanisms
  • Automation of merchant registration processes
  • Extensive automatic capabilities to block the application in case of detection of any active threats
  • Device usage history monitoring

Merchant Benefits

  • The mobile application does not require additional devices
  • Creates an alternative payment method
  • Creates an innovative image for your business
  • The mobile application is always available for work 24/7
  • Registration and activation in three clicks
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Merchant can view transaction history