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CTS Ltd. - in the list of certified MCBP solution providers in Mastercard

Card Technologies and Systems LLC (CTS Ltd.) has completed the certification of the Functionality Evaluation of the MOBO.CARDS Application Platform server solution and is included in the list of certified suppliers. This list contains all approved Server Component-SC components that comply with the Mastercard Cloud-Based Payment (MCBP) specification for cloud payments. Suppliers have developed solutions for various cloud payment technology schemes. AES-Account Enablement System CMS-Credentials Management System CMS-D-Credentials Management System- Dedicated TMS-Transaction Management System CTS Ltd. Solution belongs to the Credentials Management System Dedicated (CMS-D) scheme and is an integration component of the MOBO.CARDS Application Platform (MAP Wallet Server), which allows implementing Issuer Wallets for bank customers or the Wrapper SDK for integration into the bank’s mobile application.